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  • How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K...

    How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K...


    Mack talked fondly about his work as an emergency room doctor. He lived in a beautiful house just two blocks from the ocean. He appeared to be successful in life at an early age.

    Then one evening, while we sat on his balcony after a surf session, he asked me about my work as a financial literacy advisor. He said, "I have an interesting story for you—one that I am a little ashamed of, and don't tell many people."

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  • Credit Card Phishing

    Credit Card Phishing

    Think about renaming your dog!

    You're sitting around when you get a call from someone who says they are with your credit card company's fraud department. There's been "suspicious" activity on your account.

    Because you are very smart, you know scam artists make calls like this and start questioning the caller.

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  • Arbitration Overload

    Arbitration Overload

    Cost: $9,000 more than needed.

    About a year ago, I watched a Dateline NBC undercover camera crew film a friend of mine as she was ripped off buying her first car.

    Would that ruin your day?

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