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  • Peer Pressure? Choose Yourself!

    Peer Pressure? Choose Yourself!

    What would you do?

    We often associate peer pressure with grade school and being a teenager. However, as we get older peer pressure doesn't go away. It evolves, often becoming more subtle and costly.

    But remember: It is you who has to live with your decisions. While they will affect others they will affect you first and foremost.

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  • FoolProof News: Checking Account

    FoolProof News: Checking Account

    Are you ready?

    Checking accounts and savings accounts are indispensable, powerful, and potentially dangerous tools.

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  • Oddball Tips For Saving Money

    Oddball Tips For Saving Money

    Stow a little money away

    Being smart about money is more important now—when you're young—than when you're older. Why? Smart habits learned now will stay with you, but more important, any money you stick in a savings plan at 20 has a lot more years to earn interest than money you stick in a savings plan at 40.

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