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  • How to Train Your Brain and Get Things Done

    How to Train Your Brain and Get Things Done

    Improve your quality of life

    Let's start with a little bit of fantasy: imagine that your brain is a big company. We'll call it the McBrain Company. McBrain workers come in all types and do their individual best to fulfil their different tasks. As the proud president of this tremendous company, you are responsible for everything concerning your employees, especially their well-being. It's a huge responsibility, but you do it every day!

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  • Income Tax Facts

    Income Tax Facts

    Do you have a job?

    Do you have a job? Are you earning money by babysitting, mowing yards, or doing something else (this is called self-employment)? If so, then you need to understand taxes.

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  • Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards!

    Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards!

    So what should you do?

    Sure, credit cards can be a great way to have a financial safety buffer in your pocket, and they can help you build credit pretty quick, too.

    But everybody has heard of dangers that can come with credit cards if you're not careful, as well as the horrific statistics:

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